Algonerv Cream 100 ML

Algonerv Cream 100 ML

  • Type_Of_Medicine : Pain management
  • Composition: " Algonerv® cream, is useful in the topical treatment in dermo-epidermic characterized by pain and/or pruritus resulting from a hyper activation of dermo­ epidermic tissues (herpes zoster, painful diabetic neuropathy, superficial peripheral neuropathies associateci with articular inflammatory pathologies, psychogenic and neuropathic pruritus). "
  • OTC & Wellness: pain management
  • Manufacturer by: Epitech Group SPA
  • Packaging Details: 100 ML
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"Dosage Apply algonerv® cream on two-three times a day for 15-20 days or otherwise as per medical prescription, on the skin area where the patient feel the hyperalgesic or allodinic and/or pruritogen sensation. Apply with a gentle massage till complete absorption."