• Type_Of_Medicine : LEGGINS, SLIM
  • Composition: 65% Polyamide + 35% Elastane
  • OTC & Wellness: Compression Garments
  • Manufacturer by: VOE,S.A
  • Packaging Details: S to XL (colours : Black)
Rs. 30.00    Rs. 30.00   

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"With VOE SLIM leggings your legs will feel toned, with tighter muscles, all promoting the drainage of fluid. Walk, run, or travel in them, dress them up or down! They will make you feel lighter, sculpt your figure, and improve your silhouette as you move. They’re a wardrobe essential! VOE SLIM: – Ideal as a regular wear pant for the patient or sports practice. – Made of elastic fabric with elastane fibres and polyamide microfibres, filled with micro-capsules containing active ingredients that are released gradually during the garment’s life while it is being used. – Active ingredients: Caffeine, Retinol and Vit A, Ceramides, Fatty acids, Vit E and Aloe Vera."

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