Buttock Lifting High Waisted Girdle Above The Knee 03

Buttock Lifting High Waisted Girdle Above The Knee 03

  • Type_Of_Medicine : Cosmetology, GIRDLES, SLIM
  • Composition: "Tulle: 73% Polyamide + 27% Elastane Internal fabric: 65% Polyamide + 35% Elastane *Characteristics : Latex free , Breathable , Hypoallergenic, Medicated to slim and sculpt"
  • OTC & Wellness: Compression Garments
  • Manufacturer by: VOE,S.A
  • Packaging Details: XS to XXL (colours : Black)
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"VOE SLIM buttock lifting girdle enhances and rounds the buttock area, at the same time as flattening the stomach. Made of two types of elastic fabrics. The inner microfiber performs a double compression, and the fine outer tulle extols the glutes and models them. It has a rubber with silicone in the waist that avoids its slip. VOE SLIM: – Ideal as a usual underwear, under tinny dresses or impact sports practice. – Made of elastic fabric with elastane and polyamide microfibres, filled with microcapsules containing active ingredients that are released gradually during the garment’s life while it is being used. – Active ingredients: Caffeine, Retinol and Vit A, Ceramides, Fatty acids, Vit E and Aloe Vera."

Why Use Compression After Liposuction?? Getting the right kind of compression is important after liposuction if there is too much compression, Swelling and edema ( Collected Fluids ) can occure and slow healing. Too little, and fluids can occumulate in the area where the fat was suctioned out, which complicates healing