Cobre Oro Ebano Bra (Model VF)

Cobre Oro Ebano Bra (Model VF)

  • Type_Of_Medicine : Cosmetology, COTTON BRAS, NUHA
  • Composition: "45% Cotton + 45% Polyamide + 10% Elastane *Characteristics : Latex free and Hypoallergenic , Breathable"
  • OTC & Wellness: Compression Garments
  • Manufacturer by: VOE,S.A
  • Packaging Details: S to XXL (White /Mink/ Black)
Rs. 34.50    Rs. 34.50   

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"Front zipper fastening bras with moulded cups made of high level of Cotton. – Its high content cotton makes it ideal for those with delicate skin. – Bras with bilateral pockets and no underwire. High neckline. – Shoulder straps wide and robust. Underarm edge high enough to cover possible scarring. – Adjustable at the back and shoulder straps, giving a perfect fit for every shape. "

Why Use Compression After Liposuction?? Getting the right kind of compression is important after liposuction if there is too much compression, Swelling and edema ( Collected Fluids ) can occure and slow healing. Too little, and fluids can occumulate in the area where the fat was suctioned out, which complicates healing