Canpol Glass Bottle 120 ML

Canpol Glass Bottle 120 ML

  • Type_Of_Medicine : Baby Bottles, Cups, Paciflers & More
  • Composition: The narrow BASIC Glass Bottle made of the highest quality glass is safe, light and transparent. It allows to combine breastfeeding and bottle feeding. It features universal silicone teat with a flow 3m+. Capacity: 120 ml. BPA free
  • OTC & Wellness: Baby Bottles, Cups, Paciflers & More
  • Manufacturer by: Canpol
  • Packaging Details: 120 ML
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"Before first use wash all parts of the bottle, then sterilize in boiling water in order to ensure hygiene. After each use clean the bottle and the teat from liquid remains, wash all the parts in warm water with a mild detergent, rinse thoroughly and disinfect. Do not boil or disinfect the bottle in a steam/electric sterilizer. For disinfection pour with hot water. The product can be used in a microwave. When warming food in a microwave, remember to leave the bottle open. This bottle can be used in dishwasher. Do not use antibacterial agents for cleaning. The teat can be disinfected in a steam/electric sterilizer. Boiling and hard water may create limescale effect."